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Learning Web Dev On The Web


They say the best place to learn football is on a football field, likewise the best place to learn web dev is the web. 😝

There are a lot of places on the web from where you can learn (for free).

  1. YouTube
  2. Udemy
  3. DEV/Medium
  4. Twitter (yes, a lot of people tweet about web dev😂)

But as a beginner, it’s very likely that you’d prolly choose YouTube and since YouTube has a hell lot of channels to choose from, finding a channel that has a style you really enjoy would play a major role in learning journey.

Here’s a list of my fav channels(and soon enough even yours 🤞)

  1. Net Ninja : Net Ninja's Channel Page on YouTube This is my go-to channel for literally anything web. Shaun has this tendency to super-simplify any concept to a form that literally a 5yo can understand. He has playlist on topics, in which he explains concepts as we build a project. However, Shaun likes to take his time so if you’ve some dead-lines to meet. This is definitely not the right channel for the situation.

  2. Traversy Media : Traversy Media's Channel Page on YouTube Brad Traversy is the OG web dev youtuber. A lot of people who make web dev tutorials on YouTube have claimed to have learnt from his videos. His videos have this natural style that makes it seem like you’re learning from a actual teacher in person. He teaches you all the essentials (the 20% with which you can get 80% of the work done)

  3. WebDevSimplified : Alt Text Kyle is an kinda like the best of both worlds from Net Ninja and Traversy Media. His goal as a YouTuber is ”simplifying the web, so you can build your dream projects sooner” which he absolutely aces. His videos tend to be crisp and to the point, so if you want a fundamental understanding of concepts while killing your dead-lines, this is the best channel for the situation.

  4. Dev Ed : Dev Ed's Channel Page on YouTube This is the YouTuber I personally best relate to. His videos focus on showing you how to think (in terms of both design and development). His videos are absolutely delightful and fun to watch. He is the PewDiePie of Web Dev YouTube.

  5. Ben Awad : Alt Text Ben has been an inspirational figure/role model to me. He builds real-projects that he deploys and monetizes right in front of us. He’s also THE YouTuber to learn React.JS, graphQl and TypeScript from. His content is filled with wit and dark humor (kinda) and is absolutely fun to watch

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