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My Story with "Machine Learning"


this is just a testing blog post, just to make sure all “md” rendering has been implemented

ever since 2019, machine learning has been slowly gaining the spotlight and me being the starry eyed technology enthusiast i was (kinda like Hiro Hamada) i tried jumping in twice… both failed leaps of faith

as someone obsessed with building stuff from scratch [this blog is custom built by the way], i found it really hard to get into ML as most resources out there were either

  1. too theory intense (Andrew NG’s Coursera Course is an example)
  2. too much framework (tensorflow and sklearn API abstracted)

searching for implementing [insert ML model/algorithm name] from scratch got me across that hurdle, ton of amazing resources out there on youtube by the way

What does ML Refer To?

let me first define ML to make more sense

the science math of taking in real world info, converting it into numbers and then finding learning a pattern out of it

when people say machine learning, they almost always mean the cresent moon… all the cool fun stuff hid under the DEEP LEARNING tag

  1. ANNs
  2. CNNs
  3. RNNS
  4. Transformers

and more… so here’s my unofficial tags for everything in ML

in this blog i shall refer to everything in the cresent moon not as machine learning but as shallow learning

keep in mind shallow learning… is really cool cuz shallow learning could be used to learn certain patterns with greater efficiency and muchhhhhhh lower computation

untill next time !️ ✌

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