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You've Gotta Check Out SnowPack...



So like most 2020 developers I used to give 0 fucks about bundlers…

I mean react/next/svelte takes care of it for us right

but then, I started doing this course called threejs journey by brunosimon in which bruno makes us understand why bundlers are important

node_modules meme TL;DR helps client import node_modules files that are stored on the server


The world’s most popular javascript bundler “webpack” has a bunch of disadvantages

  1. It is pretty complex, for context and it took me 2 days to understand and be able to configure webpack on my own
  2. It is kinda really slow cuz it rebuilds and rebundles the files for every change [especially if you want to use typescript]

Here’s Recordings of WebPack

Time to Initial Load: 35s {% youtube ZaX9vVwpEsA %} Time to Load Changes: 20s {% youtube zaSyyna3RTI %}

Enter Snowpack

Snowpackjs has a fundamentally different approach to bundling… It builds each file and caches it for future use, while webpack rebuilds and rebundles every single time Help


Snowpack is super easy to configure here’s the config I used in the below test

module.exports = {
  mount: {
    src: { url: "/" },
    public: { url: "/", static: true },

it mounts files in src, public dir to ”/” (root directory of served content)

Here’s Recordings of Snowpack

Time to Initial Load: 20s {% youtube L7sIkfxBHbg %} Time to Load Changes: 14ms 😱 screenshot


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